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Production, Mixing, Mastering and Songwriting 

Producer and Musician. 

Mixing Console

For more information on Prices select the button below.  Prices may vary. 

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I am a producer and musician from Hamilton. I'm currently still a student and working on some projects of my own as well as working with lots of musicians in the college. Production and music have always interested me and now I'm following my dreams.


I started learning instruments around 3/4 years ago when I could afford my first guitar and completely fell in love with music all over again, just like I did during my younger years. I continue to follow the dream to this day. 

Expect some original music coming later this year as well. 

If you would like to see some of the things I've been up too this year then check out my Projects page!


More on me here. 


New, original music coming soon, I will keep you up to date. subscribe to the website to never miss an upcoming release.

Possible Vinyls available after first EP release

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